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    What's with November and our metabolism?

    November 09, 2017

    What's with November and our metabolism?

    A 2011 Gallup poll confirmed that Americans steadily eat worse and exercise less during the fall and winter months. In November, only 49.8% of adults reported exercising for at least 30 minutes three or more times a week, compared with 50.5% the previous year. Only 54.7% of Americans reported eating five or more servings of fruits and veggies at least 4 days a week in November, down from a high of 57.8% in July and the lowest recorded for that month in any prior year, including in November 2008 during the financial crisis.

    So if you live an area of the country where this time of year - November - brings more than Thanksgiving, you may want to figure out ways to amp up your metabolism in these colder climes.

    Here are some healthy hacks that can help you keep the fat off and the energy on:

    Have an Oatmeal Orgy

    Breakfast cereal in a white bowl on a kitchen table.jpegHot oatmeal topped with some flaxseeds can increase your metablolism by 10%. Oatmeal is high in fiber, which is great for you,  but also causes your body to work harder to breakdown the ruffage. You can burn up to 30% more calories during this process alone, so go sow your wild oats.



    Get More Sleep

    About 60% of us don't get enough sleep. Sleeping at least seven to eight hours per night helps to Tired businesswoman sleeping on the desk in the office.jpegbalance the hormones involved in appetite regulation and keeps insulin, the master hormone of metabolism, regulated. Without consistent sleep, this delicate hormone balance is disrupted and metabolism slows down. So now you have the perfect excuse to sleep in on those cold winter mornings.


    Woman drinking water at the gym after working out.jpegWhen it's hot out and you're sweating, it may be easier to remember to drink water. But cold weather and dry air can easily sap your hydration. You still need your 8 cups of water a day because dehydration can slow your metabolism by 2 to 3%. 






    Abstain from the Alcohol

    Group of smiling friends toasting glass of beer at counter in bar.jpegWith the holiday season approaching and office parties popping up, the temptation for a bit more libation is always there. And even if you're not at a party, a bit of alcohol may help provide a little anti-freeze for the body. But did you know that alcohol can slow your metabolsim by as much as 73%? And did you ever notice that when you have a few drinks, you may also become more free with tossing back the food? Moderation is the key to remember here.

    All Hail Kale

    Yes, this superfood always seems to be in vogue. High in fiber and low in calories, kale is a perfect food to add to your diet. One cup of cooked kale provides nearly 90% of your daily-recommended intake of vitamin C, a necessary nutrient to keep your metabolism humming. In fact, research shows that low levels of vitamin C can slow your fat burn by as much as 25%.

    Something Smells Fishy

    Goldfish.jpegFish Oil pills are filled with omega-3s, which not only help you cope with seasonal change, but may also give your metabolism a boost. Australian researchers found that in combination with exercise, fish oil can increase the activity of enzymes responsible for fat oxidation.


    Interval Training

    Image of female foot running on treadmill.jpegHop on that treadmill, bike or elliptical and instantly burn calories while working out. And when you do interval training, your metabolism keeps working even after you finish your workout. So shake it up, increase that treadmill incline and do some speed work.



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