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    8 Tactics to Breathe New Life Into Your Treadmill Workout

    February 09, 2023

    8 Tactics to Breathe New Life Into Your Treadmill Workout

    When you think about exercise equipment, the first thing that pops into most people's minds is the treadmill. Just because it is a staple of every commercial and home gym doesn't mean that it is exactly popular. In fact, many people refer to this machine as the "dreadmill" because of how boring a treadmill run can be. The good news is running on the treadmill doesn't have to be an exercise you dread; there are plenty of ways to liven up your workout. 

    Get Some Variety

    One of the easiest ways to make a treadmill workout more engaging without any added equipment is by varying your workout. Changing your speed and incline throughout your workout is often enough of a change of pace to keep your brain engaged to the finish line. 

    Musical Motivation

    As long as we've been able to run while listening to music, people have been doing it. Running with music works so well to help people power through their runs that it is banned in marathons. Just don't motivate yourself too much and tire out before the end of the run. 

    Catch Up on True Crime

    Music may not be for everyone, but that doesn't mean you should ditch the headphones. Hundreds if not thousands of interesting podcasts are available now as an excellent distraction. Whether it is a true crime story or a podcast about running, everyone can find something that intrigues them and helps them forget about their task. 

    Take Small Breaks

    Another way to trick your brain into making the most out of your treadmill run is to take small breaks from running to do some strength training. Hopping off the treadmill for a minute to work in a set or two isn't going to interfere with your cardiovascular gains, but it will make a treadmill run seem a lot less repetitive. 

    Play Games

    Some people may be lucky enough to have a treadmill with some games built-in, but there are still options for those who don't. There are several smartphone apps that gamify your run so you can do things like run from zombies, train to be a ninja, or compete in challenges against other runners around the world. 

    Watch TV

    Sometimes just watching TV while you run is enough to let your mind wander away from the tediousness of a treadmill run.  The news won't cut it, so make sure to save a show you enjoy watching. Binge-watching doesn't have as negative a connotation if you do it while you're working out.  

    Take Scenic Tours

    A few companies create video tours through multiple platforms like streaming services or apps. These videos serve as a mini-getaway as you follow the video through the streets of different cities like you would if you were running in those cities. 

    Get Some Work Done

    While you'll likely be too out of breath to take business calls, there are still many ways that people can get work done while running on a treadmill. It could be going over numbers on a tablet in front of you or listening to a TED Talk. No matter what it is, you'll feel like a champ getting two things done at once. 

    Find What Works For You

    Everyone is different, so it makes sense that we all have different things that motivate us. Finding what works for you doesn't just transform your workout; it transforms your life because it makes exercise fun again. There is no harm in trying every tactic on this list to see which works best for you to turn your dreadmill into something you look forward to each day.