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    Top Features To Look For In Treadmills and Ellipticals When Building A Home Gym

    February 08, 2022

    Top Features To Look For In Treadmills and Ellipticals When Building A Home Gym

    Ready to build out that home gym and workout in privacy? You may have started small with dumbbells, and exercise ball and a workout mat, but now it's time to upgrade. Purchasing workout equipment for a home gym can be a major expense, but one that offers a healthy return on investment.

    From losing weight to improving your cardiovascular health, it a great way to incorporate fitness into your daily life. And treadmills and ellipticals are some of the most popular gym equipment in the world today due to their ease of use and convenience.


    However, it is essential to look at the top features that ensure you get the right one. Here are some of the top considerations when buying treadmills and ellipticals. Let's discuss the features of each piece of equipment.

    Features To Look For When Looking For a Treadmill

    Walking has been voted one of the best ways for human beings to stay in shape at any age. Picking the right treadmill with the best features ensures you suit your needs. The top features to look for are:

    Ease of Use

    Treadmills should be easy and safe to use. To evaluate the ease of use of the machinery, it would be best to look at its:

    • Simple speed buttons: It should be essential to have buttons for exchanging speed and incline instantly and easily on the machine. This is effective for safety and reliable training intervals. The transitions between speeds should be smooth, making it easier to change intervals.
    • A well-positioned screen: A treadmill with a built-in monitor should be comfortable at eye level. Ensure the user won't have to strain themselves to watch the screen.
    • Clarity of settings: Advanced treadmills have a high-tech touchscreen showing speed, incline, heart rate, and other states to allow you to change settings seamlessly.


    The treadmill you get should be relatively quiet, depending on where you place it. Look for a machine with durable, heavy rollers. The bigger the roller, the bigger the bearings. Landice uses a sealed bearing gasket in its rollers to reduces the amount of dirt and hair that may get trapped and eventually lead to bearing failure and more noise.


    The belt is another essential feature to know when evaluating your treadmill. Landice uses a 4-ply belt, much more than the competitors who typically use a 2-ply. The features most people look for in the belt include:

    • Size: People visiting your gym will have a unique training style that suits their bodies. Some want to walk while others plan to run on it. The belts you choose should be able to fit all these exercises.

    Also, it should accommodate the different sizes of strides each client will make. Therefore, choose a scalable belt that can suit both long and short strides.

    • Shock absorption: Treadmill should ideally include a shock-absorbing feature or cushioning technology. This helps to create a more realistic road-running feel and makes it safe. Always read the technological specs of the treadmill you wish to buy.

    Features To Look For When Buying Ellipticals

    An elliptical is the best machinery for cross-training or a total body workout for your knees or joints. International Health, Racquet and Sportsclub Association reports that the use of ellipticals has increased drastically, reaching 158% in the past five years. The key features to keep in mind when shopping for an elliptical are:

    A Heavier Flywheel

    A heavier flywheel in an elliptical makes your ride smooth and makes the equipment more stable. Landice has one of the heaviest and widest flywheels in the industry. With a smooth movement on the machine, the user has less stress on their joints and burns more calories without feeling too tired. 

    Workout Options

    Modern elliptical equipment has various built-in workouts. The models have extra features that most users like. For example, you can find elliptical equipment to download new exercises from the internet or a machine that records your workout stats.


    Most ellipticals have an incline or ramp feature. These features enable the user to change the slope angle to offer unique challenges. In this way, you can burn more calories without working for long.

    Finding the Right Equipment for Workout

    Treadmills and ellipticals offer a fascinating and effortless way to work out in your home gym. At Landice, we create the world's most durable and technologically advanced equipment you need today in your gym.

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