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    Surviving the Polar Vortex - 6 Tips To Winter Runs

    January 30, 2019

    Surviving the Polar Vortex - 6 Tips To Winter Runs

    For most of us who are stuck, or even frozen, in parts of the country where winter is mean and fierce, figuring out how to maintain a healthy fitness routine can be as challenging as facing those biting winds.

    But if you prepare well and think warm thoughts, you may be able to exercise your right to remain healthy and in motion. Here are some tips to consider with one obvious one at the end.

    Let it Snow

    If you're committing yourself to run on the snow, then make sure you blaze your own path on fresh snow rather than packed snow. Fresh snow has better traction with less chance of slipping.

    Know Your Stride

    When running on the snow you'll need to change up your stride from what you used during the warmerNew call-to-action weather. Take shorter strides. This enables you to be more efficient on the snow and reduce the risk of falling.

    Hitting the Ice

    What would winter be without finding some icy patches? If you're fortunate enough to spot some ice up ahead, play it smart and walk yourself over the patch. You'll have a much better chance of remaining upright if you take it slow than trying to keep the pace going.

    Water Things Down

    Most of us think that we don't have to hydrate as much in colder weather as we do when it's hot out. But, you'd be wrong. We're actually using different muscle groups when we run on snow which burns more calories and increases sweating. 

    Think Warm

    Even though we get our blood pumping and feel somewhat warm, the sweat on our bodies can chill our bodies much quicker. Remember to get out of those wet clothes quickly and drink something warm to get rid of those internal icicles.

    Fail-Safe Plan

    For those who find it a personal challenge to run outside when the weatherman says it's too cold, there still may be times that you'll need to find safety within the confines of your own home. Your trusty treadmill is always there and ready to help you to keep on moving. In that balmy 70 degree temperature, you can put on your shorts, flip on the fan, and laugh in the face of those snowflakes that just want to stick to your face.