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    4-Week Treadmill Training Plan for Your Next 5K

    September 30, 2022

    4-Week Treadmill Training Plan for Your Next 5K

    What's the best way to train for your next 5K? A new runner might benefit from joining a group run or signing up for classes, but a more experienced runner might prefer to run solo or with only friends or family members running the same distance and pace.

    And that's where treadmills come in handy! You can change the speed and incline of a treadmill to match your race, making it a great way to train before race day.

    How To Build Speed

    To achieve the best results:

    1. Use your treadmill appropriately. Different training intensities should be used for different age groups or groups of people in the program.
    2. Start with a steady warm-up and progress through three phases: endurance, strength, and speed training.
    3. Allow plenty of rest between sets.
    4. Remember that running uses different muscle groups and you need to understand your gait to build power, stamina, and strength. In fact, training in front of a mirror can be quite helpful to see various perspectives of your running style.

    The following four-week treadmill plan is designed for runners who want to complete their next 5K race without any significant increase in mileage. However, it can also be adjusted by changing the time spent at various intensities.


    How to Build Endurance

    You must build endurance to prepare your body to run a 5K. The key is to gradually increase the time and intensity of your workouts without pushing yourself too hard. If you're just starting, walk or jog at a medium pace for 30 minutes, 3 times per week. Then, increase the duration of your workouts by five minutes each week and increase the intensity by jogging or running at an increased pace.

    In addition to cardio, consider adding interval training (high-intensity exercises followed by rest periods) on the treadmill. While 4 weeks is a short training time span, if you're a beginner to racing, this plan should give you a great base to be able to complete your first race.


    How to Increase Inclines (aka Hills)

    Inclines are a great way to increase the intensity of your workouts and your endurance. Inclines on a treadmill will help you feel like you're running up a hill. You can also increase the speed of your run if you prefer not to change the elevation. If you have a treadmill with different incline settings, start by increasing the angle by just one percent and work your way up gradually until you reach a 10% grade. Be careful not to exceed 15% because it may be too steep and cause injury or falls. 

    Also, don't go over 15 mph (available on the Landice L10) on an incline, as this can be dangerous. Another option is using programs like those found on Landice treadmills that automatically adjust the gradient while you run. These programs allow you to simulate hills without changing the surface or slope. Some people might need to use these programs at low speeds to keep up their pace, but high rates may also challenge them!


    How To Finish Strong

    To finish strong, you need to start strong. You first need to focus on your breathing and utilize deep breaths when your pace gets difficult. Take the time during this run not just to complete it but to enjoy the process of getting in shape. It's a long race, and many runners get caught up, wanting to have it over as quickly as possible. While you'll be focusing on the race also try to take a moment to enjoy your surroundings, the people around you, and how your hard work has given you the strength to compete.


    Final Thoughts

    Training on a treadmill for a race has many advantages. For example, treadmills have a variety of features that can help you get the most out of your workout: things like incline, heart-rate monitors, variable speeds, and even specific HIITs training programs.

    You can find a Landice treadmill at your local retailer or online. And don't forget to visit our blog post with more information about this 4-week treadmill training plan.

    Visit us today to learn more about how Landice treadmills can make your next 5K race much easier!