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    Survey Says At Home Workouts May Be Here to Stay

    May 14, 2021

    Survey Says At Home Workouts May Be Here to Stay

    According to a survey conducted by OnePoll, nearly seven in 10 Americans believe they don’t need a gym to keep up with their fitness and over half said they now feel so confident in their ability to stay fit at home that they plan to cancel their gym membership altogether.

    While we believe there is a middle ground between home gyms and clubs, the COVID-19 pandemic has certainly made people re-think their exercise routines. The poll asked 2,000 Americans if they thought going to a gym would become obsolete due to the pandemic. Three in four said it’s actually easier than ever to maintain their fitness routines in the comfort of their own homes.

    The poll also showed the people exercised on average 25 percent more often during quarantine than before. With 70 percent of those surveyed agreeing that fitness has now become a bigger priority for them since the pandemic.

    The top fitness equipment respondents bought during their time at home included yoga mats, resistance bands and dumbbells. A quarter of respondents even went big and purchased an exercise bike, while 21 percent purchased a treadmill or elliptical.

    These at-home fitness options offer more flexibility than stationary gyms and remove barriers that people once had like commuting time, financial strain and experience level. 

    Fitness apps were also a popular addition to the workout routine. The average respondent has used two fitness apps and have taken four online fitness classes. In fact, working out at home and alone has been a confidence booster for many as 65% of men and 55% of women said that they often feel intimidated when working out at a traditional gym.

    As we know from science, there is a strong link between physical activity and mental health. During and after exercise, the body releases ‘feel good hormones’ that prompt the mind to experience a sense of achievement and mental clarity. And during this past pandemic, we certainly need this more than ever.

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