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    Pregnancy and Working Out -- Should You?

    December 19, 2019

    Pregnancy and Working Out -- Should You?

    We all know regular physical activity is a great way to stay healthy and can help decrease stress, improve sleep quality and mood, but is exercise safe for women who are pregnant? Don’t think about putting away those sneakers just yet!

    Regular physical activity is highly recommended for women during their pregnancy, especially if they were active before becoming pregnant. Exercising for 30 minutes most days during the week helps to improve blood circulation which can help prevent constipation, swollen ankles and prevent varicose veins. It can help lower the risk of gestational diabetes and reduce the risk of a possible C-section. Expectant mothers will find exercise helps them have more restful sleep at night and manage their stress levels. Most importantly, exercise strengthens the cardiovascular system to build endurance and strength to help with the demands of labor.

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    A Landice treadmill offers a convenient way for expectant mothers to get their physical activity in while remaining in the comfort and safety of their own home at any time, day or night. No need to worry about being outside in the early morning darkness or getting caught in an unexpected rain shower. The Landice L-Series models offer a reliable and durable treadmill that has adjustments in both speed and incline to allow you the flexibility to design your workout to be as challenging or relaxing as you would like. The heart rate feature will assure you are working within the proper zone prescribed by your doctor so you can have your best workout. With a special shock absorption feature - the orthopedic belt -, you can reduce the impact on your joints which is great for walkers and runners alike. And don’t worry about interrupting other members of the household who are still sleeping. With the whisper-quiet motor, they won’t even know you are awake!

    As women progress through their pregnancy, any kind of movement that feels good to the body is beneficial, even if that is a gentle 30-minute walk. Movement should always celebrate and honor what our bodies can do, especially during the final weeks of pregnancy.

    What are you waiting for? Lace up those sneakers and grab your water bottle to get your sweat on with your Landice treadmill today!