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    How to Effectively Improve Your Marathon Technique by Running on a Treadmill

    April 08, 2022

    How to Effectively Improve Your Marathon Technique by Running on a Treadmill

    Do you want to be in shape for the upcoming marathon but don't want to run outside? If so, then a treadmill can definitely help you achieve your goal. Treadmills are used by many people to effectively train for marathons and compete well.

     A treadmill is ideal for marathon preparation, especially during the cold weather or when there are safety concerns outside. With a treadmill, you can apply a similar amount of effort as you do on a track and achieve better results.

    A Landice treadmill is certainly a good choice for the long run. We have many customers who tells us they have had their Landice for over 20 years and have put in numerous long-distance runs on their treadmills. So, you can be assured your Landice will be able to uphold the challenge of training for your marathon. And our control panels offer you motivational displays to keep you going.

    The following guideline will help you use a treadmill to develop your running speed in the upcoming marathon.


    It's almost too easy to jump on the treadmill and begin exercising straight away. However, it's crucial to warm up before getting on the treadmill to carry on with the workout. Warming up will increase your heart rate, raise your body temperature for efficiency, and send oxygen to your muscles.

    Prepare for the Marathon Environment

    Your upcoming marathon may be this month, or May or June, for example, and the temperatures may vary extremely depending on the location. The indoor treadmill is going to act as the outdoor weather conditions since the outdoors might be warmer than the inside. Because the indoor temperature may be comparable to that of the race day, the equipment will allow you to test on a variety of clothing for race day.

    A treadmill can also assist you with dealing with boredom encountered during the race by creating methods of coping with the associated mental challenges. 

    Become Familiar with the Treadmill

    To maximize the training, it's important to learn the diverse functions of the equipment. Treadmills come with a user manual or you can engage the services of an expert before getting on the machine.

    The majority of treadmills have the following features:

    • Heart rate monitor: The observer helps the user estimate the intensity of your exercise when holding the handrails.
    • Calorie burn calculator: The calculator indicates what you're gaining from the workout. As the estimated number rises, the more calories you're burning.
    • Speed display:  The display reveals how fast your pace is. The control panel calculates the speed in miles per hour.
    • Pre-set intervals: The pre-set intervals come in handy since they allow the user to set and no adjustments are made after hopping on the machine. 

    Practice With a Slight Incline

    A treadmill has an incline feature that allows you to train for a hilly race. You can set the machine incline between 1 and 2 percent to train for a gentle uphill race. Also, if the course is flat you can also use the incline to simulate what it may be like to run into a headwind.

    Nevertheless, first-timers should set the incline to zero and increase it after building up their fitness. You'll gain strength with time from practicing on an incline converting to more speed on flat grounds.

    Speed Exercise

    The treadmill programming mode helps you improve your pace easily. You can efficiently control your pace by allowing you to focus while visualizing the outdoor route that you frequent. Your tempo becomes consistent, turning out to be helpful on the race day.

    How Can Treadmill-Based Cardio Fit the Overall Training Routine?

    Your body takes time to adapt to a new regimen. Exercising according to your heart range can help you achieve and build up your strength level. Knowing your heart range helps you practice on the treadmill with speed settings that are ideal for you.

    Landice is committed to engineering superiority through the production of high-quality fitness equipment. We develop easy-to-use treadmills, bikes, and ellipticals. Visit our page for more information.

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