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    How to Customize Your Fitness Goals to Meet Your New Year's Resolutions

    December 22, 2021

    How to Customize Your Fitness Goals to Meet Your New Year's Resolutions

    For the first few weeks of 2022, people will be creating and pursuing fitness-related New Year's resolutions. Research shows that as people make resolutions for the New Year, three out of four relate to improving their health. For example, in 2020, New Year's resolutions broke down as follows:

    • Exercising more (50%)
    • Increasing financial savings (49%)
    • Eating healthier (43%)
    • Losing weight (37%)


    Sadly, a separate set of data from Strava shows that many people abandon their New Year's fitness resolutions within three weeks. It's because of the challenge of putting the resolutions into practice. It's also difficult to embrace change from what they're used to and embrace a new lifestyle. Other reasons include not having enough support and being too busy.

    The good news is that you can stick with your New Year's fitness resolution by customizing them into the bigger picture. Here are some tips for creating custom-fit goals that you can stick with throughout the year.

    Analyze Your Current Fitness Level

    How are you doing with your previous fitness goals, if you have any? Be honest with yourself and determine if they're working and what to do if they're not. For example, your initial intention might have been to exercise on the treadmill or exercise bike for 30 minutes a day. However, you realize that you haven't accomplished this goal in the past year.

    The next best thing to do would be to customize this goal into something achievable. There's a big difference between what you should achieve and what you want to achieve. When setting a fitness resolution, think carefully about why it's a resolution for you.

    As you pursue any goal, remember that you'll face adversity, lack of motivation, and boredom. If you've based your goals on what you think you should achieve and not what you want, a lack of motivation will derail you.

    You can get a personal trainer to help you evaluate your current fitness goals before setting new ones. It's an excellent way to ensure your fitness goals make sense to your current fitness level.

    Start Small and Build Momentum

    Trying to change too quickly all at once can set you up for failure. Break your fitness goal into smaller chunks instead of trying to bite more than you can chew. Remember to celebrate every milestone along the way to keep yourself motivated, regardless of how insignificant it seems.

    Set a Deadline for the Goals You Want to Achieve

    Sometimes, there's a temptation to leave the deadline open and vague when you make a fitness resolution. This leaves you some room to wriggle. Unfortunately, you're less likely to achieve your goal if it's not as specific as possible.

    Determine what you need to do and when you should achieve the goal. Deadlines are necessary as they push you to go the extra mile even when you feel demotivated. They also help you stick to your resolutions.

    Setting an Environment for Success

    Your environment determines how likely you are to achieve your fitness goals. If it takes longer to get to the gym, consider purchasing at-home strength training equipment. This way, you can workout without leaving your house.

    Get More Sleep

    When you commit to getting better sleep, you also benefit by having more energy to work out. Take steps to get to bed earlier and try winding down with yoga. Remove or switch off electronics from your bedroom for a better quality of sleep.

    As you take steps to achieve your fitness resolution goals, remember that setbacks happen. However, you can stick to your customized fitness goals with support and commitment. Check out the Landice Blog for more fitness resources and insights.