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    Great RUNS on the treadmill

    November 16, 2017

    Great RUNS on the treadmill

    Great runs on the treadmill? Is this actually possible?? Indeed, it is. The treadmill is can be your greatest, most reliable training companion. It never cares if it's too hot or too cold, raining or snowing. It's there to perform and always waiting for that next foot plant. 

    So how to make sure your treadmill doesn't become a dreadmill? Check out these 4 great run ideas. To get the complete list, download our Treadmill Training Tips.

    Introduce Your Legs to the Treadmill

    Try This: Start at an easy pace. After 5 minutes, crank up the speed by

    .5 MPH for 1 minute, then back down to your easy pace for 2 minutes.

    Crank up the incline by .5% for 1 minute, then back down for 2 min -

    utes. Continue alternating, experimenting with pace and incline.


    Make the Most of 20 Minutes

    This: Warm up at a slow to moderate pace for 5 minutes, then

    increase the speed to race pace and hold it for 10 minutes for a hard

    tempo. Cool down for 5 minutes.


    Return from Injury or Illness

    Full length portrait of a fitness man running isolated on a white background.jpegTry This: Alternate jogging and walking—2 minutes jogging, 2 minutes

    walking—for a total of 20 to 30 minutes. If your injury or illness doesn’t

    3 minutes, then 4, then 5 (and so on), and bring the walking segment

    down to 1 minute in between.


    Preserve Speed through the Winter

    Try This: Do a 10-minute warmup at a 1% incline. Then increase the speed by .5 MPH for 3 minutes, decrease the speed to warmup pace for

    2 minutes, increase by 1 MPH for 3 minutes, and decrease to warmup

    5-minute cooldown. This 35- to 45-minute workout has enough fast

    segments to keep you speedy until spring, and it’s more mentally

    engaging than a single-speed treadmill run of the same duration.


    A complete set of 8 run IDEAs and more treadmill training tips are available here.