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    Do You Need to Stretch Before an Indoor Workout?

    February 23, 2022

    Do You Need to Stretch Before an Indoor Workout?

    When starting your workout session, you may feel tempted to skip warm ups, especially if you're short on time. Sadly, doing so increases your risk of injury, putting more strain on your muscles.

    Stretching should be an integral part of your home workout program as it increases flexibility, one of the crucial components of fitness. Stretching boosts your body in multiple ways. We've highlighted the top reasons to incorporate it into your regular training regime; read on!


    • Reduces the risk of injury: The more flexible your body is, the less likely you will get injuries from slightly excessive movements. Stretching increases your range of motion, ultimately decreasing resistance in your muscles during a workout.
    • Increases the range of motion: Stretching plays a role in improving the range of motion to slow down the degeneration of joints.
    • Reduces the risk of lower back pain: Flexible hip flexors, hamstrings, and muscles attached to the pelvis relieve pressure on the lumbar spine. The goal is to reduce lower back pain risk.
    • Promotes circulation: When you stretch, you increase blood flow to the joints and muscles, allowing greater nutrient transportation.
    • Body preparation for the stress of exercise: The muscles loosen up and become resistant to the impact of exercise.
    • Reduces muscular tension while enhancing relaxation: Habitually tense muscles cut off circulation, leading to oxygen deprivation and cutting off essential nutrients to the muscles.
    • Improves mechanical efficiency and overall performance: Stretching increases your body's flexibility, reducing the amount of energy you need to execute a wide range of motion.

    According to the American College of Sports Medicine, stretching is a good idea. The ACSM recommends stretching each major muscle group for 60 seconds at least two times a week per exercise. Regular stretching keeps the hips and hamstrings flexible later in life, not just before exercise.

    Easy Stretching Exercises

    Various fitness experts recommend stretching exercises for the best results during a workout. A few examples include the following:

    Simple Back Stretch

    Another name for the exercise is the "Standing Cat-Camel" and it includes the following:

    • Stand with your feet slightly apart, the width of your shoulders
    • Bend your knees slightly
    • Lean forward, with your hands resting just above your knees
    • Round the back so that the chest closes and the shoulders curve forward
    • Arch your back so that the chest opens and the shoulders rollback.
    • Repeat at least five times

    March on the Spot

    Start by marching on the spot and then marching forward and backward. Pump your arms up and down in sync with your feet for the most impact. The elbows should stay bent and the fists soft.

    Knee Lifts

    You should aim at 30 knee lifts in 30 seconds with this stretching exercise. To perform knee lifts, stand tall and lift the right knee to touch the left hand. Bring the knee down and lift the left knee to touch the right hand. Repeat these lifts as you alternate the knees, keeping your back straight and the abs straight. Let the supporting leg maintain a slight bend.

    Heel Digs

    The ideal warm up exercise is 60 heel digs in 60 seconds. To complete the exercise, place alternate heels in front of you, keeping the foot in front pointing up. Punch out with each heel dig, maintaining a slight bend in the supporting leg.

    Shoulder Rolls

    It's also essential to stretch the upper part of your body, and shoulder rolls are ideal for this effect. As you march on the spot, roll your shoulders forward five times and backward the same number of times. Let your arms hang loosely by the sides.

    Final Thoughts On INDOOR Stretching

    Warming up and stretching exercises may seem like a waste of time when you're eager to get started in your workout session. Still, you must remember all the benefits that stretching provides. For more fitness tips at home or in the gym, Landice has all the information you need. Connect with us through our blog for more guidelines.