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    Did you know this fall favorite can give you year-round flavor and energy?

    October 26, 2017

    Did you know this fall favorite can give you year-round flavor and energy?

    Pumpkin spice isn't the only flavor you should consider this fall. Maple syrup offers great taste and possibly some great nutritional boosts for your workouts and fitness regimen.

    Maple syrup isn't just for pancakes anymore. It could also help you legally enhance your workout and race performances. Its nutrient profiel makes it an "untapped" fuel source for your body.

    When we exercise our muscles uses up the stored glucose in our body to give us energy. When it's time to fill the tank again, our body is looking for something that is quick and easy to absorb and provides the right amount of glucose so we can keep moving forward. And an intense workout is probably the only time where 100 percent sugar is preferred over foods with fiber and fat.

    Pure maple syrup falls perfectly into this category, since the sugars start to break down and deliver glucose the moment it enters your bloodstream. But, because the sticky stuff also has a lower glycemic index than other sugars, it continues to break down over a longer stretch of time to keep you fueled longer. And its lack of anything other than sweetness actually works to your benefit, since fiber and fat can slow down absorption and give you GI distress.

    So is maple syrup better than gels?

    In short, yes. Maple syrup contains manganese, zinc, potassium, and antioxidants, so while you are refueling your body with needed sugar, you are also helping to replenish vitamins and minerals. The only problem is that it's not the easiest fuel to get into your body. Most of use don't fill our water bottles with the viscous liquid. 

    What athletes need is the ability to slurp down pure syrup on the go. That's what a Vermont-based tapping company, Slopeside Syrup, is trying to deliver on. The syrup company, founded by a multi-generation Olympic ski family, partnered with Tour de France cyclist and syrup-enthusiast Ted King to package their sweetness in something more convenient than the glass jug you see on supermarket shelves. Together, they created UnTapped, quick-open gel packets filled with 100 percent pure Vermont maple syrup. Many retailers are starting carry their packs, but you can also order online.

    Need other ways to mainline some maple. There's also maple infused water, maple beef jerky and even maple greek yogurts on the market. Enjoy your fall fitness routine and add a litte more sweetness to it with a dose of maple syrup.

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