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    Are You Going Back to the Gym Or Working Out from Home After Vaxing? New Survey Says . . .

    May 03, 2021

    Are You Going Back to the Gym Or Working Out from Home After Vaxing? New Survey Says . . .

    Getting vaccinated can be a game-changer. If you are fully vaccinated, getting back to a somewhat normal workout routine is in reach. And, the timing couldn't be more perfect for our mental and physical health.

    However, getting back to the gym has some caveats. The risk of gyms and indoor workout classes can be lower as long as various safety measures are in place — and being vaccinated will ensure that. Anyone with the top 3 vaccinations should feel confident about being protected once the immunity has been activated – although it doesn't mean there are zero risks.

    Most gyms are following the CDC guidelines, which covers masking and physical distancing, increasing cleaning and disinfecting, promoting hand hygiene, and improving ventilation and air filtration. A properly ventilated space is one mitigation strategy that is very important to creating a safer environment when gathering indoors, especially for exercise or physical activity purposes.

    Although, many people have gotten used to the new normal and doing their workouts outside of the gym environment. Many have set up their own home gyms or do their workouts virtually with others via Zoom. The question is: what will you do going forward? Are you part of the group that says they won't return to the gym?

    New Study Says 1/3 of Gym Members Won't Return

    A March of 2021 survey of 11,193 gym members from 142 countries asked gym members if they plan to return to working out at the gym when vaccinated, how their membership status has changed, and how many are currently going to the gym.

    Key findings:

    • 70.97% of gym members are still not exercising at their gyms
    • 27.52% of gym members globally and 34.94% in the US don’t intend on returning, even after being vaccinated
    • 55.57% of gym members have either canceled (29.80%) or paused (25.76%) their memberships
    • Less than half (48.24%) said they would return when they themselves are vaccinated
    • Another 24.24% will return, but not until their family, friends, and loved ones are also vaccinated

    As we continue into 2021, the struggle to remain open, keep members engaged, and retain members will continue. Even as vaccines are distributed, it is clear that just the individual being vaccinated will not be enough for all members to return, seeing how nearly a quarter of members are waiting for their friends, family, and loved ones to also be vaccinated.

    Of course, if you invested in your home gym, perhaps this is not even question for you to consider. And, if you did not have the chance to get equipment, the good news is that supply chains have caught up to demand. So, if you're still unsure about the safety issues of being around others while working out, then that home treadmill, bike or elliptical may just be the antidote you need now.