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    5 Tips for Making Exercise Biking Part of Your Routine at Home

    November 19, 2021

    5 Tips for Making Exercise Biking Part of Your Routine at Home

    Have you ever committed yourself to an exercise routine but midway, you ended up getting tired? Making a habit of exercising is a wanting activity. It requires both a smart approach as well as the right mindset. However, worry no more as we have tips to help you maintain your routine. 

    One of the best exercises to improve your cognitive and psychomotor domains is cycling. Biking is a cardiovascular exercise that helps your body burn up to 400 calories and strengthens your lower body. It is also an aerobic and low-impact workout targeting the core, legs, and glutes. 

    Before we set right to it, here is all that you need to know when setting up your bike. It's prudent first to ensure that your body is well-adjusted to the bike. Riding a bike that is not to your comfort level can be a source of discouragement when building up a biking routine. Ensure that your bike is adjusted such that the handle is not too short nor the saddle too high. You can use your hip bone and align them with your saddle. As for the handle, it wholly depends on your level of comfort while riding. 

    Below are some impeccable steps you can take to make riding an easy and enjoyable part of your life routine;

    1. Positive Progression

    Have you ever heard of baby steps? Well, in this scenario, it's best to start slow as you gradually build momentum. Begin your cycling with goals that you know you can achieve. Ambition can be good, but so is patience. You can decide to cycle for 10 minutes a day as you slowly increase the duration you use during cycling. Use the metric on your bike to track the progress you have made so far. After about 3-4 weeks, you can change the routine and challenge your limits.

    2. Set a Clear Routine and Goal 

    Set a by the end of the day target to keep you motivated. It's also wise to set your mind towards that target. In a world of digital dominance, you can use your smartphones to help you maintain the practice. Google Assistant, Siri, or Alexa can help you keep track of your cycling schedules. 

    Once you set up clear targets, you need to discipline your mind and body. This is to ensure that you do not come up with petty excuses and procrastinate the planned activity. 

    3. Get Yourself Rewards

    Once you achieve the set goals, do not forget to recognize your efforts. Honor your efforts and get yourself something nice — just not junk. Once you choose a reward that you will most likely anticipate, you'll get yourself yearning to complete the task. Do not allow yourself the temptation to consume the prize before you finish your goal. 

    Long-term natural rewards of bike riding include better sleep, increased energy levels, and a greater sense of well-being. 

    4. Using Triggers

    Triggers are cues that kick off an automatic response. Triggers are extremely significant while building up a routine; for example, when your alarm goes off, you immediately get up and wash yourself up or go for a run. Another example is when you spot your sneakers and feel like taking a walk or going for a run right away. When you see your bike, you get a sudden urge to go biking. Once you have mastered the art of cues and fully incorporated it into bike riding, then be sure you have conquered procrastination and are on your way to consistency.

    5. Make Riding Interesting

    Another excellent method to cement a biking culture is by making riding itself fun. For example, by selecting those favorite Apple or Spotify podcasts to listen to only during biking. That way, you'll always be looking up to the next upcoming ride. 

    Additionally, try spicing up things to cut monotonous practice — attempting new styles you have watched on YouTube can actually make biking more pleasurable. Lastly, you may want to join your local biking community or club; doing it with people can make it more entertaining.

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